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I'm going to try something new and do my best to keep this up to date and with new information each month ... I'm going to call this page ...

Counselor's Food for Thought  


From the book "200 ways to Raise a Girl's Self-Esteem" by Will Glennon I share with you this excerpt ...

* MAKE TIME FOR JUST THE TWO OF YOU -- For Parents: Make dates with children individually so just the two of you have special time to yourselves, and try to do it regularly; if possible, try for once a week, but at least once a month.  At least half of the time, let her decide what you'll do together.  Try a new sport together.  Start a Mother/Daughter or Father/Daughter Book Club.  Cook a gourmet meal together.  Go to the museum.  Conjure up a joint project.  Find a new trail or go for a hike.  For Teachers:  Try to schedule some alone time with every child at least each week, preferably every day, even if for a few minutes.  Don't neglect the particularly quiet girls.  Have the class work on a project independently or in groups while you talk with each child individually.  Devise a system where kids can put their name on the board in a special place to alert you that they want to schedule time with you. 


From the book "200 Ways to Raise a Boy's Emotional Intelligence" by Will Glennon I share with you this excerpt ...

* TELL HIM YOU LOVE HIM -- For Parent: Make a commitment to tell your son you love him every day.  Do it with feeling and don't be put off because sometimes it feels awkward.  It is true, it is necessary, and it needs to be articulated.  Don't just presume he "knows".  For Teachers: Find comfortable and appropriate ways to express your affection and appreciation.  "I think you're terrific" is just as important for our boys to hear in school as "I Love You" is at home.   

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