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We have aged in our 100 days of being thrid graders.  We had fun taking these selfies.

  • Class 3M
  • Fire Truck visit
  • Drawing Batman
  • Super Man
  • We decided to give Charlie Brown laser vision.
  • Spider Man
  • Gas experiment
  • vinegar and baking soda
  • Gas Experiment
  • Filling balloons with gas
  • umbrella cockatoo
  • We couldn't remember this rodents name
  • Reading in a Bottle.  Door decorated for the Book Fair
  • Root Beer Float showing Solid, Liquid, Gas
  • Surveying classmates for data to graph
  • Halloween 2016
  • Wrapping Paul into a mummy
  • Wrapping Morgyn
  • Dre becoming a mummy
  • Paul is a Mummy!
  • Dre is a Mummy!
  • Brayden the Mummy!
  • Mummy wrapped Morgyn!

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