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General Information

Call: 785-448-3176


Write a note in the planner.

Every night.  The planner comes home every night so you can see what we did in class that day.  It also is a way for us to communitcate every night.  Please write to me anytime and I will do the same.

Math : Mrs. Friend

Science and Social Studies: Mrs. Self

ELA (English, Reading, Spelling) : Miss Peine



Your child should write when the test will be.  We usually do chapter reviews before tests as well.  I will do my best to post on my math page when tests occur.

Any homework assignment that receieves a 70% or lower, that were not handed in late, may be redone.  Tests depend on the situation but I do not usually allow students to redo a test.

The school policy is for every one day a student is absent, they have two days to make it up.  For example, if they are absent on Monday and don't ge their work until Tuesday, it doesn't have to be turned in until Thursday.  After Thursday, it will be counted late.

5th grade policy:

Once an assignment is late, the assignment will be deducted 15%.  So the best case is for a late paper to recieve an 85%.  The assignment also loses the privilage to redo.

You should be able to find the list of words glued into their planner.  cheeky