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Music Grades

Music Grades 

K-2 music grades at GES are participation based.  The following rubric will help you understand your child's level of involvement in the music classroom:


S (Satisfactory):  I consistently participate in classroom activities by listening purposefully, trying my best, making positive contributions to the lesson and following the rules.

N (Needs Improvement):  I am struggling to participate in some or all classroom activities consistently.

U (Unsatisfactory):  My actions or choices are keeping me from being a learner.


Third grade through sixth grade students earn letter grades based on classroom participation, enrichment units and concert performance participation.  Please follow your child’s music grade on PowerSchool, as they are updated every two weeks.  Music grades count toward honor roll recognition.

Please feel free to contact Mrs. K at any time during her plan time or after dismissal until 3:45 if you would like to visit about your child's progress.  You can also contact Mrs. K at .