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Kim Miller


Pug Group

  Welcome To Mrs. Miller's

2020-2021 Pawsome Pug Patrol

We are on the "lookout" for some "Amazing Adventures" this school year! 

Please join me as we put our paws in motion and explore many new experiences fourth grade has in store for us this year.  We will search the wondrous habitats and ecosystems this world has to offer and spy on the incredible living and nonliving things that can be found in their locations.  We will dig for treasured "bones" of literature and learn from their weathered pages many things that will enrich our lives.  We will sniff for hidden passageways as we follow our journey through the tattered pages of our national treasure map.  We will uncover the mysteries of math that will lead us to decipher hidden secrets that help us journey to a greater understanding of math processes and how they influence our daily lives.  This year will be full of many "Amazing Adventures" and I am so excited my pack will be sharing them with me.  I look forward to the incredible opportunities that are in store for us.  May our journey be safe, successful, and memorable.


Pug in grass

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