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Educational Websites

1492-An Ongoing Voyage-Pilgrims


Plymouth Plantation


Social Studies for Pilgrime




Create a Graph


Language Arts Websites-Grades 3-6


E Learning for Kids-Third Grade


E Learning for Kids-Fourth Grade



Math's Fun Scalene, Isosceles, and Equilateral Triangles


Geometry Math Games


StudyZone Extending Geometric Patterns


Social Studies:


Social Studies: President's children


Social Studies:Presidents


Social Studies: Presidents


Time for Kids


ABCYa Grade level games


Math Kid Zone


READING: English/Language Arts Games


READING: Bats Reading Activity


READING: Reading Test Skills


Study Jams


SPELLING: Spelling City


Mr. Wolfe's Math (Common Core)


Fact Monster


Kids Math Games Online


Range, median, and mode


Range, median, mode, mean math games online


Quia Range, median, mode, and mean


Counting money - Math Playground


Measure It


JMathPage Measurement


Snorks Long Division


Input/Output - PBS Stop That Creature


Input/Output Function Machine


Sheppard Softward


Probability - BBC


BGFL - Area/Perimeter


PBS - Area/Perimeter - Airline Builder


Shodor - Perimeter


BBC Transformations Website: Reflections, Rotations, and Translations


Kids Numbers.Com


Math Playground - Area and Perimeter


Funbrain - Area and Perimeter


Mr. Nussbaums Coordinate Planes Stock the Shelves


Harcourt School - Transformations: Rotations, Reflections, and Translations


Properties of Addition/Subtraction


Spelling City



Third and Fourth Grade Games

Enchanted Learning


PBS Kids

Fun reading interactive games and videos

Time for Kids

Science and Social Studies current topics and stories

Science Kids

Science videos and games for kids

Rock Cycle


Rocks for Kids


Learning Games for Kids



Reading and math interactive games

Arcademic Skillbuilders

Math, spelling, and language arts games

Math Playground Area and Perimeter


Candidates websites


Math Games


Fuel the Brain


Cool Math Games

Fun educational math game website.

Properties of Multiplication


Place Value Games


Geometric Figures


Faces, Vertices, and Edges



Geography with links to math, science, spelling and language arts sites.

Primary Games

Fun interactive games for kids.

Multi-Subject Learning Game Website


Science Interactive Games


National Geographic for Kids


US Presidents at Social Studies for Kids


President fun facts on National Geographic for Kids


US Presidents at


US Presidents at


Fun Thinking Games


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