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Daily Schedule

                                                                 My Daily Schedule-4S

8:00               Opening Activities/Attendance/Discussion Circle

8:15              Social Studies

9:05              Specials   Red Days- music/pe      White Days   Library/Computers               

10:05             ELA                       

11:45              Lunch/Recess            

12:15              Math

1:20               Recess 

1:35               Math continues  

2:00               Science

2:45              The students will write about their day in their planners.                 

3:00               Bus riders dismissed 

3:05               Car riders and others dismissed              




Connie Scott

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Grading Policy Information

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 Please take the time to go through your child's graded papers. I send them home most days, and the students know to put them in the graded papers pocket of the planner binder. If you see that I have left a note to "correct and hand in," please encourage your child to make the corrections.  I want the students to know that if they take the extra time to learn from their mistakes, it does pay off.  I will average the first score with the corrected score so that your child can earn a higher grade. Please feel free to help them. Thank you for your support.


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