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Daily Schedule

5M Student Schedule


7:30-8:00           Arrive, breakfast, and fill OWN water bottle

8:00-8:10           Announcements

8:10-9:10           Specials

9:10-9:20           Restroom/Planners/Water

9:20-9:45           PurposeFull People

9:45-10:30         Reading

10:30-10:50       Grammar

10:50-11:05       Spelling/Snack

11:05-11:35       M & W - MTSS/ T, Th, & F - Writing

11:35-12:05       Social Studies/Science

12:05-12:20       Read to class

12:20-12:25       RR and wash for lunch

12:25-12:55       Lunch

12:55-1:05         Restroom/Math Warm-up

1:00-2:00           Math

1:55-2:00           Band students pack up

2:00-2:15           Recess

2:20-2:55           Band/Study Hall

2:55                    1st Bus bell

2:58                    2nd Bus bell

3:01                    3rd Bus bell

3:03ish               Town Students Dismissed


Specials Schedule

Red days: PE to Music

White days: Computers to Library


*Students may bring a snack for themselves EVERY day to eat around 10:50, to help tie them over until lunch.

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