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Stinky Shoe Fix

Stinky Tennis Shoes a problem?????

1.  Put 1/4 to 1/2 cup of white vinegar into each shoe.

2.  Slosh it around.

3.  Wash the tennis shoes with a load of towels or laundry.

4.  Air dry the shoes.  This should help to kill the bacteria that cause the odors. 

5.  Repeat as needed. 

I do this on my tennis shoes at home and the extra shoes. I wash them every few weeks.  An extra cure is if you pour the vinegar on your child's feet before a shower or bath and then wash off.  Might have to do it again a week or so later but it will help!!! It will smell like the white vinegar for awhile, but isn't any worse than the stinky feet smell and will go away sooner!!

Remember, it's always good to have multiple pairs of shoes to wear so that they can have time to air out between wearings.   

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