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    It is hard for me to believe that I have been back in Kansas for six years now. There are so many things to love about living in Kansas, like the changing seasons and the friendliness of a small town. Most of my family is still here with the addition of my new granddaughter, Maybelle, who was born on Christmas day of 2015. Now I am eagerly waiting on the birth of my grandson due on August 28th.This past summer was filled up with the joys of being a new grandma. It is as wonderful as people say it is! 

I have officially reached my 26th year of teaching. Teaching never ceases to challenge and inspire me. It is not for the faint of heart, but it still holds my heart.  I  love it as much as ever, even with all of the technology that moves faster than I can keep up, but I am determined not to give up. When I get frustrated, a hug or a humorous comment from a student can make me smile again, and I remember why I am here.

Thank you parents for sharing your children with me. I promise to always try my best to see them the way that you see them, and to care for them like they were my own. I can’t promise not to make mistakes, but I will always try to learn from them. I am looking forward to another terrific year of doing what I believe I have been called to do… to teach your precious children.





Connie Scott

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Grading Policy Information

 Please take the time to go through your child's graded papers. I send them home most days, and the students know to put them in the graded papers pocket of the planner binder. If you see that I have left a note to "correct and hand in," please encourage your child to make the corrections.  I want the students to know that if they take the extra time to learn from their mistakes, it does pay off.  I will average the first score with the corrected score so that your child can earn a higher grade. Please feel free to help them. Thank you for your support.


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