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Classroom Rules

GES Physical Education Rules:

Come in nicely and go to your spot.

Wear clean tennis shoes to class.

Keep hands, feet, mouth, and equipment quiet when the teacher talks.

Be nice to others and the equipment.

Play safe and have fun.

Tag nice.

No play fighting.

No sliding or diving to tag or get to base at any time.

Use school appropriate bad words.

Say "Please and thank you" and "I'm sorry" when needed.

Screaming and yelling belong outdoors, not in the gym.

Red mats are for protection basketball players; not for running into.

Stay off the bleachers.

Line up and wait quietly when leaving. 





GEC Physical Education Consequences:

Remind of rules.

Sit out for 5 minutes.

Sit out for 10 minutes or the rest of class.

Note or visit with your teacher.

Note or phone call to parents.

Meet with Principal.

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